Our Mission/Objectives


  • To promote the Holy Humility of Mary for Divinity of Jesus Christ and to pray the Rosary in a truly meditative sense with an awareness and appreciation for the Humility of Mary

  • To create awareness of the meditative character of the Rosary and its' nature as a prayer for peace, contemplating Christ, "the Prince of Peace", the one who is "Our Peace".(Eph 2:14)

  • To Pray the Rosary contemplating the public life of Jesus reflecting on the Incarnation, the sufferings of his Passion, the triumph of his Resurrection, and meditation on significant moments in his public ministry.




  1. Pray the Rosary

    Pray the Rosary with a meditative mindset, relating each Mystery to your daily life

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  3. Spread the Word​       Share the message in reaching others 



The Rosary is a way to meditate and experience Mary's humility and love and support for the Divinity of her son Jesus Christ through the Mysteries of the Rosary.